Healthy Sprout Bhel

     Healthy Sprout Bhel
 Healthy sprout bhelThis is an innovative recipe of bhel. It is made from sprouts and tomato ketchup is used instead of tamarind chutney to make it healthier. Healthy way to push some nutrition into kids.

Ingredients :
1 cup moth (lentil) sprout
1 small onion cut into small pieces
1 tomato cut into small pieces
tomato ketchup according to taste
green chutney 1 tbsp
green coriander leaves chopped
bhel sev 1 tbsp
murmure according to requirement
Recipe : Boil the sprouts for 5 minutes, drain the water and let it cool. 
Add onions,green chutney, tomato ketchup, murmure and mix well. 
Garnish with green coriander and bhel sev and serve immediately. 
It can be used as healthy breakfast. 
Even children, who don t eat healthy food will like it a lot.

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