Bread Delight

   Bread Delight
 Bread delight
Bread Delight is a quick, easy and yummy sweet recipe made with bread and sugar syrup. It tastes like Gulab Jamun. Kids will just love it.

Ingredients :
3 big bread slice 
1 small gems packet
2 tbsp fresh cream
1 cup sugar
1 cup water
1/2 tea spoon cardamom powder
Ghee for deep frying as per requirement

Recipe : Add sugar and water to a pan, and cook till it gets mixed occasionally stirring. 
Add cardamom powder. 
When the mixture becomes little thick, check by pouring it on a plate, and touch it with your finger upwards, if one thin string is formed, your syrup is ready, turn off the gas. 
Now heat ghee in a pan, make equal four pieces of bread and deep fry them in ghee on a medium flame till crispy brown. 
Dip all the pieces in the sugar syrup and keep them on a plate. 
Let it cool. 
Now garnish with fresh cream and gems. 
You can serve fresh or refrigerate them for an hour and then serve, both tastes amazing. children would definitely love it. This dish not only looks beautiful, but also tastes great.

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