Gehu ke Gatte ( Rajasthani Gatte )

   Gehu ke Gatte ( Rajasthani Gatte )

Gehu ke Gatte

This is a Famous Rajasthani snack made with wheat flour and bottle gourd by steaming and then shallow fry in sesame seeds and mustard seeds. A very tasty treat.


2 cup ghiya grated
½ tea spoon green chili paste
Atta (wheat flour ) as per requirement
½ tea spoon red chili powder
½ tea spoon turmeric powder
Salt to taste
1 tbsp refined oil
½ tea spoon sesame seeds
½ tea spoon mustard seeds
Pinch of asafoetida
Recipe : Add all the spices, salt, green chilli paste to grated ghiya. Now add wheat flour and knead a fine dough without using water. Make cylindrical rolls of the dough and steam them in a steamer for 15 minutes. 
Insert a knife to check if they are prepared, if knife comes out clear, gatta are ready.
Remove from flame. 
Cut them into small round pieces. 
Now heat oil in a non-stick pan, add mustard seeds, when they crackle add asafoetida and sesame seeds and stir fry the gatta in it till golden brown. 
Serve with chutney or sauce. 
Tasty  and healthy breakfast.

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