Sooji ka Halwa recipe

     Sooji ka Halwa recipe

sooji ka halwa recipe

Sooji ka halwa is a sweet dish often made in Indian homes. Ghee and sooji are main ingredients, you need to roast it on low flame. Dry fruits and cardamom gives this dish a rich taste and aroma. Specially prepared in Navratra for offering it to Goddess Shera wali Maa as a prasad. And also during Satyanarayan katha.

Ingredients :
1 cup semolina
 ¾ cup ghee
¾ cup sugar ( or as per taste )
¼ tea spoon cardamom powder
½ cup dry fruits
2 cup hot water

Recipe : Heat ghee in a non-stick pan, add semolina and roast on low flame till golden in color. 
Add 2 cup hot water, sugar, cardamom powder, dry fruits and cook stirring till the halwa leaves ghee.
Tasty and healthy suji Halwa is ready.
Serve hot.
sooji ka halwa recipe

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