Akhrot ki barfi

Akhrot ki barfi

akhrot ki barfi

This Akhrot barfi is a very simple and quick sweet recipe, with goodness of Omega 3. It tastes like chocolate. Not much ingredients are required, you can serve your guest a healthy and yummy sweet dish in short span of time.

Ingredients :

1 cup walnuts (100 gm)
1 , ½ cup milk
1 tbsp fresh cream
1 tbsp ghee
¾ cup sugar
½ tea spoon cardamom powder
1 tea spoon pistachio
akhrot ki barfi
Recipe : Soak walnuts in ½ cup milk for 4-5 hours. 
Grind them to a  paste along with the milk. 
Heat ghee in a non-stick pan, add the walnut paste, sauté, add cream sauté, add 1 cup milk ,cardamom powder and cook stirring on medium flame till the mixture becomes thick ( 5-7 minutes). 
Now add sugar and mix well. 
Cook stirring till the mixture leaves the edges and becomes hard. 
Now pour it in a pr-greased plate and garnish with pistachio. Make square lines with a sharp knife and let it cool. 
After cool down, take out the barfi carefully and keep it in a air tight container. 
Can be used for 4-5 days. 
You can also refrigerate it. 
It tastes like a chocolate and children will just love it. Walnut contains omega 3, very good for health. Perfect sweet for winters.

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