Gond ( Tragacanth gum ) Laddu

Gond Laddu

   Gond ( Tragacanth gum ) Laddu

Gond laddu
These Gond Laddu are very healthy diet for winters. Gond is a rich source of calcium, which enhance bones strength. Cow ghee, dry fruits and jaggery make it a very healthy diet for winters. Black pepper is good for eyes. You just need to take care of roasting, it should be on low flame in a heavy bottom or non-stick pan, otherwise it will spoil the taste .

Ingredients :

500 gm wheat flour
1 kg cow ghee
100 gm Tragacanth gum  ( gond )
400 gm jaggery grated
50 gm almonds chopped
50 gm cashew nut chopped
50 gm raisins
cardamom powder 1 tea spoon
black pepper powder ( as per taste )
Gond ( Tragacanth gum ) Laddu

Recipe :

Heat some ghee in a pan, and deep fry the gum on high flame. 
It will raise after frying. Crush it with the hands and keep aside. 
Now heat rest of the ghee in a non stick pan, add wheat flour and roast it on a low flame continuously stirring on a low flame till it turns golden brown and gives a nice aroma ( more than ½ hour approx.. ) 
Turn off the gas, add grated jaggery, gum,black pepper, dry fruits, cardamom and mix well. 
Make laddu till it is hot using plastic gloves. 
Tasty and healthy  Gond Laddu for winter are ready.
Note : You can add more ghee if you feel the mixture of laddu is dry.

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