Stuffed red chilli

   Stuffed red chilli

stuffed red chilli


Stuffed red chilli


Stuffed red chilli

Stuffed red chilli is a very delicious pickle. Indian platter is incomplete without pickle. There are variety of pickles prepared in Indian homes, like raw mango pickle, garlic ginger pickle, gooseberry pickle, carrot and radish pickle etc. Today, I am sharing recipe of stuffed red chili pickle in two ways, Instant and long lasting. You can make any one of your choice. Best choice of pickle to add in their platter for people who love spicy food. I have prepared in small quantity, you can increase the ingredients according to your requirement.

Ingredients :

250 gm fresh red chilly

3 tea spoon roasted cumin powder

2 tea spoon roasted coriander seeds powder

3 tea spoon fennel seeds powder

3 tea spoon mustard coarsely grind ed

½ tea spoon fennel seeds

Salt to taste

2 tea spoon refined oil

3 tsp mustard oil

1 tbsp white vinegar


Wash the red chilly and pat dry.

Mix all the spices, except mustard oil and vinegar in a bowl, add 2 tea spoon refined oil and mix well.

Now cut the red chilly from one side ( horizontally ) and fill the mixture in it.

Fill all the chilly in same manner.

Now tie a string to all the chilly so the mixture does not come out.

Heat mustard oil in a non stick pan and turn off the gas.

Now add the chilies to the pan slowly and sauté.

Turn on the gas and cook them on low flame for 5 minutes continuously stirring and turn off the gas.

Let it cool, add vinegar and keep it overnight, pickle is ready to eat.Can be use for a week.

If you want to make it long lasting, don t fry it, instead dip all the chilly filled with masala in mustard oil and keep it in sunlight for 7-8 days.

This pickle can be used for long period.

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