Noodle Uttapam

      Noodle Uttapam

noodle uttapam

This is an innovative recipe made with noodles , semolina, spring onions, cabbage and butter milk. Tasty, healthy and unique breakfast recipe.

1 small packet noodles of your choice
2 cup semolina
3 cup butter milk
2 green chilly chopped
½ cup cabbage thinly sliced
½ cup spring onions cut into small pieces
Salt to taste
Refined oil for shallow fry ( as per requirement )

Recipe : Cook the noodles along with taste maker with 1 and ½ cup water. 
Keep it open and let it cool. 
Mix semolina and butter milk, salt to taste and keep for ½ an hour. 
Mix spring onions, green chilly and cabbage. 
Now heat a non- stick pan. Pour 2 tbsp batter, add some onion cabbage mixture, add some noodles and spread the uttapam carefully. 
Shallow fry it from both the sides with the help of refined oil till golden in color. 
Serve hot with chutney or ketchup.

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