Chikoo halwa (Naseberry )

     Chikoo halwa (Naseberry )
chikoo halwa

Ingredients :
1 cup Chikoo ( peeled and mashed )
½ cup fresh cream
¼ tea spoon cardamom powder
2 tbsp cow ghee
Sugar to taste
Dry fruits of your choice for garnish
A very tasty and easy recipe of halwa, can be consumed during fast as a falahar also.
Recipe : Mash the chikoo properly or blend them in a blender to avoid lumps. 
Heat ghee in a non-stick pan, add mashed chikoo and cook continuously stirring on medium flame for 5 minutes.
Add cardamom powder and cream and cook till it leaves edges of the pan. 
Add sugar to taste, chikoo is already sweet, so you need to add very little sugar and cook till the halwa leaves ghee. 
Garnish with dry fruits and serve hot. 
Can be included in phalahari recipes.

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