Palak Matar Parantha

Palak matar parantha

      Palak Matar Parantha

Palak Matar Parantha

Palak matar parantha is a very healthy and yummy innovative recipe. Perfect for people and kids, who don t eat vegetables, tasty way to nutrition. Palak in outer layer and Matar in stuffing, double nutrition and tastes amazing.

Ingredients :

250 gm Palak ( spinach )

1 cup green peas

½ cup onions cut into pieces

1 green chilly

¼ tea spoon cumin seeds

½ tea spoon red chilly powder

¼ tea spoon turmeric powder

1 tbsp refined oil

2 cup wheat flour

Salt to taste

1 tea spoon refined oil

Cow ghee for frying ( as per requirement)

Recipe :

Clean the palak, wash it for 2-3 times in water.

Now boil it for 5-7 minutes. Let it cool.

Blend it to a smooth paste in a blender.

Add  1 tea spoon refined oil and salt to the wheat flour and knead a soft dough using spinach puree without water and keep aside.

Chop the green peas in a chopper.

Heat 1 tbsp refined oil in a non-stick pan,add cumin seeds, when they crackle, add onions and green chilly, sauté for 2 minutes.

Add chopped green peas and salt to taste and all the spices and sauté for 2 more minutes and keep aside. Let it cool.

Now make medium balls of the dough and roll them evenly, apply some ghee and filling, cover it and roll it again with light hands.

Shallow fry from both the sides with ghee till golden in color. Yummy Palak Matar Paratha is ready, serve hot.

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