Cucumber Grape Refresher

cucumber grape refresher

     Cucumber Grape Refresher

Cucumber grape refresher

Cucumber Grape Refresher is a very refreshing and cool drink for summers. I have used, Chinese cucumber because it is good in taste and seeds are very soft.Grapes are sweet in taste, so you don t need to add any sugar, so very healthy. Use of black rock salt and dry mint powder gives a soothing effect and great taste to it. cucumber are rich in vitamin A, C and folic acid. Grapes are not only good in taste but rich in antioxidants. Effective in curing constipation, allergies, diabetes, blood pressure and eye health. So Taste with health. So let us start.

Cucumber Grape refresher

Ingredients :
2 cup ripe grapes
1 cup Chinese cucumber ( peeled and cut into pieces)
1/4 tea spoon black rock salt
1/4 tea spoon dry mint powder
Recipe :

Blend the grapes and cucumber to a smoothy in a blender. 
Strain the skin of grapes with a strainer. 
Keep it in freezer for 10 minutes. 
Sprinkle black rock salt and dry mint powder and serve chilled. A very refreshing healthy and tasty drink for summer is ready.

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