Rava toast recipe ( sooji toast )

rava toast recipe

   Rava toast recipe ( sooji toast )

rava toast ( sooji toast )

Rava toast is a simple and healthy breakfast recipe of bread, vegetables, curd and semolina. You just need to take care, while frying, keep the flame low, one side will get crispy immediately, while other side will take some time, as we need to cook the semolina and vegetables. Use a good quality non-stick.

Ingredients :

4 Bread slice.
½ cup semolina
1 tbsp curd
1 medium onion
1 medium tomato
1 small capsicum
Green coriander leaves chopped
½ tea spoon red chili powder
¼ tea spoon turmeric powder
Salt to taste
Cow ghee/refined oil ( as per requirement )
rava toast ( sooji toast )
Recipe :
Mix semolina, curd all the spices with salt and green coriander leaves and make a thick batter like Uttapam adding some water. 
Keep it for half an hour. 
Chop the onions and capsicum, remove the pulp of tomato and chop them too. 
Remove the sides of bread with a sharp knife. 
Heat a non-stick pan. Add some ghee (1/2 tea spoon approx.. ) place one slice of bread over it, keep the flame low, mix well the batter once again and spread it evenly over the  bread. 
Add chopped vegetable and press them gently.
Turn the bread slice upside down, add ½ tea spoon ghee from all the sides and toast it till it becomes crispy. 
Prepare all the toast in the same way. 
Serve hot with tomato ketchup.

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