Masala Mathri recipe

Masala mathri recipe
    Masala Mathri recipe
Masala Mathri recipe
Today, I am sharing my new innovative Masala Mathri recipe.There are so many Masala Matri recipes on internet, so I tried this new innovative recipe. No stuffing, I have used dry red chili and garlic paste and it came out so good. Spicy, crispy and flaky with garlic taste. This recipe is not for kids because it is very spicy. You can make normal Mathri for kids. So let us start.

Ingredients :

2 cup all purpose flour ( maida )
8 dry red chili ( you can use less if you don t want it more spicy )
7 garlic cloves
1/2 tea spoon turmeric powder
1/4 tea spoon dry mint powder
1/2 tea spoon celery seeds
salt to taste
4 tbsp refined oil/ghee
refined oil for deep fry

Masala Mathri recipe.

Recipe :

Soak the red chili in warm water for an hour. 
After an hour, make a smooth paste of soaked chili and garlic cloves using 1 tbsp water. 
Sieve all purpose flour in a bowl, add salt to taste, turmeric powder, celery seeds, dry mint powder and 4 tbsp oil/ghee and mix well. 
Add the chili garlic paste and knead  hard dough using very little water. 
Cover it with a damp cloth and keep aside for half an hour. 
After half an hour, knead it again. 
Make small balls of the dough, roll them in small Mathri with the rolling pin. 
Prick the surface with a fork or knife
Heat oil in a pan. Deep fry all the Mathri on low flame till golden from both the sides.
Crispy, flaky and mouth melting Masala Mathri are ready.
Let them cool completely. 
Fill them in an air tight container and use it as a tea time snack for 15 days.

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