Uttapam Pizza Recipe

Uttapam Pizza

        Uttapam Pizza Recipe

Uttapam Pizza recipe

Uttapam Pizza is my innovative recipe. Pizza is Italian cuisine, but nowadays it is favorite food of new Generation of India also. My son also loves Pizza. So I try different recipes of pizza at home. I have made semolina Uttapam loaded with veggies and topped it with Mozzarella cheese. It came out really yummy. So let us begin.

Ingredients :

2 cup semolina
1&1/2 cup butter milk
1 tea spoon milk
1 medium onion chopped
1 medium tomato ( remove the pulp and cut into small pieces )
1/2 capsicum chopped
1/2 tea spoon chili flakes
1/2 tea spoon oregano
1 cup grated Mozzarella cheese 
1/2 cup pizza sauce or tomato ketchup
refined oil for shallow fry ( as per requirement ) 
1 tbsp green coriander leaves chopped
salt to taste

Recipe :

Take 2 cup semolina in bowl and add butter milk and salt to it to make a smooth batter. 
Keep it for half and hour. 
Add 1 tea spoon milk and mix well. 
If you find the batter too thick, you can add some more butter milk.
Mix all the chopped vegetables and coriander leaves.
Heat a non-stick pan on high flame.
Add 1/2 tea spoon oil on skillet and add 1 tbsp vegetables.

Now pour 3 tbsp batter over the vegetables, and spread it evenly in round shape with light hands. Low down the flame.

Add some oil on the edges of Uttapam and cook it for 2 minutes. Turn it upside down slowly. 

Apply Pizza sauce or tomato ketchup evenly.

Add grated cheese, sprinkle chili flakes and oregano and salt to taste and cover it with a lid and cook it on low flame for 5 minutes.

Yummy Uttapam Pizza is ready. Serve hot.


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