Patanjali products for new hair growth

  Patanjali products for new hair growth

Today, the problem of hair loss is increasing due to stress, insomnia, pollution, and high-speed life 
Nowadays children and youth are also struggling with the problem of grey hair, hair loss and baldness.
Nowadays women use hair spray, curlers, straightener on their hair. Due to these, hair becomes stale and lifeless and starts to fall.

Having trouble, they try different oils and shampoo, due to which the problem
The solution to all these problems is hidden in Ayurveda which has been our
heritage for centuries.
Patanjali’s products help us to get rid of these problems.
First of all we talk about oil. To keep hair healthy, it is very important to massage oil. But it must be the right way too.
If your hair is oily then use patanjali amla oil. 

This is because if oily oil is applied to oily hair, then the excess oil will lead to
hair fall.
Amla is famous for its antioxidant properties and is a natural conditioner.

Patanjali products for new hair growth

Patanjali Amla oil is less oily in nature so perfect for oily hair. It increases the
blood circulation of your scalp and nourishes your hair.
If your hair is stiff then use Patanjali coconut oil or Patanjali almond oil.
And if the less oily oil is applied in the rough hair, then it will fall due to dryness.
Coconut & Almond oil are good nourishment for dry hair.
Coconut oil adds luster,shine and softness to hair.
Regular use of coconut oil reduces dandruff.
Almond oil contains vitamin E, which delays hair greying.
It strengthen your hair and gives shine to it.

Patanjali Divya kesh Tail is a herbal hair oil which helps to grow new
It nourishes your hair from root to tip and prevents early greying of hair
and baldness.
Just take few drops of oil and massage it gently on your scalp.


If you are suffering from great hair loss, massage few drops of this oil in your
scalp with your finger tips thrice a week.
Wash your hair once a week in winters & twice a week in summer.
Don,t wash your hair frequently, as it will result in more hair fall.
And don t use excess oil, only few drops are sufficient.
After washing your hair, let them dry.
Now apply fresh alovera juice to you scalp and leave it for half an hour.
Rinse you hair with water. You will notice new hair growth on your scalp within a
Now we will talk about which shampoo o be used on different hair types.
If you have oil hair, Patanjali alovera shampoo is best for you. It will remove the excess
oil,hair fall, fight split ends and has a pleasant fragrance.
Made from ALOVERA, TULSI, BRAHMI,RITHA, SHIKAKAI and many natural


If you have dry hair, Patanjali Milk protein shampoo is best for you.
Made from milk protein, this shampoo is very mild on your hair, gives a glossy
shine to your hair, reduces hair fall.


If you have dandruff problem, Patanjali neem tulsi dandruff shampoo is good
for your hair, removes dandruff without any chemicals naturally, but will make
your hair little dry.
It contains rosemary oil, honey, neem oil, tea tree oil, hibiscus extract and amla


Patanjali Milk protein shampoo & Tulsi Neem dandruff shampoo are available in
pouch also.
So you can try them weather they suits your hair or not.
Never use too hot or too cold water for washing your hair.
Also include sufficient Protein in your daily diet in the form of lentils, milk, sprouts
eggs etc.
So these are the Patanjali products for new hair growth.
Try them and get rid of all your hair problems naturally.


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