Maintain healthy weight

Maintain healthy weight

             Maintain healthy weight

 Maintain healthy weight

Maintain Healthy weight, instead of dieting. The problem of Obesity among people is increasing  very fast. Not only young people, but kids are also facing the problem of Obesity. We all know, Obesity is the root of almost all critical diseases.
We all want to lose weight and look fit and smart, but we hate exercise and dieting is just next to impossible because the major cause of Obesity is our bad eating habits.
Well, I don’t support dieting, because it affects our health adversely. 
Exercise & Yoga are very good for maintaining our weight and keep fit. But most of the people hate exercise, or don’t have time to do exercise.
I am going to share my personal tips in maintaining healthy weight. First of all, whenever you feel that you are gaining weight, be alert before it is too late. Because it is easy and possible to loose few Kg, but very difficult to loose more than 10 kg weight easily

So ‘Prevention is better than cure’ remember this slogan.

 Maintain healthy weight

First and very easy tip for every person to follow is, drinking plenty of water. It will not only maintain your weight, but also keep your skin glowing by removing toxins from your body. If you forget to drink water, Keep a water bottle near your work place either you are a house wife or working man or woman. The bottle in front of you will remind you to drink water.
Secondly, don,t drink water after your meal. Drink it after an hour of your meal, this will help your food digest properly and avoid the undigested food to store in the form of fat in your body.
If you have gained more weight, try this for few days.
Soak 1 tea spoon fenugreek seeds in water overnight, In the morning, drink the water first and then eat the fenugreek seeds chewing properly. Don,t eat or drink any thing till one hour.

Don’t drink tea for at least 2 hours after eating it.

This will help you loose your weight fast

But don’t follow it continuously for long time
Try for 15 days, then stop for next 15 days and vice versa. 

We all know, drinking honey and lemon juice in warm water in the morning also helps us maintain our weight. 
Drinking cinnamon water empty stomach also helps reduce weight.
Try any one tip at a time, not both.
Include 1 plate salad of your choice in your lunch and dinner.

After every meal, eat 2 amla candy, this will help in digestion and will maintain your weight.

If you don’t prefer amla candy, you can eat amla pickle, or lime pickle, it will also work the same. 
Avoid the oil in Amla pickle, you can make it with less oil at home.
Lime pickle can also be prepared at home with less oil.
Include 5 almonds in your everyday diet.
Try to eat home made healthy food, if you want to eat fast food, make it once a week only, not more than that.
If you have a sitting job, take a break after every hour, just get up and move little and get back to your seat. Don’t sit continuously for hours. This will increase belly fat.
Don’t eat anything till you are hungry. Sometimes we go on eating without hunger just for taste or while watching TV.
Please avoid this, because this overeating is the main reason of not only weight gain, but also many diseases.
Most of the people don’t like exercise, but if you have a hobby of dancing or playing and game, just spend half hour on your hobby everyday, and you will be fit forever.
Not more than 2 cups of tea a day. If you are fond of tea, go for green tea.
If kids ask for fast food often, make it at home by little experiment and innovation by using less fat and unhealthy ingredients, and replacing them with healthy one. I have shared many healthy recipes, you can try them.
Involve your kids in any outdoor activity like games, swimming, dancing etc. to keep them healthy and fit.
If you don’t want to exercise, just go for a walk after dinner, you can also use your terrace or garden if you don’t want to go outside.
Last but not the least, I am telling you my secret to maintain weight and figure for ever. 
A very simple exercise just 10 minutes a day, and see the magic on you belly, waist and whole body. 
Stand straight, rotate your hand from your shoulder anti-clock wise for 5 minutes. Just hand should rotate Repeat it with the other hand, and that’s all, you are done.
Do this exercise empty stomach.
Follow this exercise for a week and see the difference.
No space or hard work is required for this, just give a try and the result will surprise you. I hope you will be benefited with these tips in maintaining healthy weight. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments box.

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