How to apply cc cream on face

             How to apply cc cream on face

How to appy CC cream on face

Today, I will discuss about how to apply CC cream on face. Basically, I am a non cosmetic user. My skin is very sensitive and chemicals based cosmetics don’t suit my skin. I rely on natural things for my skin care. Only use some cosmetics, to attend parties and remove them immediately after I am back.
I have oily skin, which makes my skin looks dull during summers.
So, whenever, I need to go out during summers, I apply  CC cream and it suits my skin very well. And don’t forget to remove it as soon as I am back.
There are many well-known brands of CC cream in the market.
I use Lakme CC cream, and it is great. Gives my skin a natural matte look. It is water proof, so does not flow away with perspiration. Very light on skin, don’t feel I have applied something.
Hides light spots on your skin without make up and gives your skin an even tone. Affordable prize and long lasting. 
It comes in 2 shades beige and bronze. If you have fair or dusky complexion go for beige shade.


How to apply cc cream on face

If you have darker complexion, go for bronze shade.

It comes with SPF 20, so protects your skin from harmful sun rays.

Perfect for  working women. It gives a perfect make-up finish, freshness and brightness to your face without make-up.
Now, how to apply it for perfect look.
Don’t use any make-up brush to apply it. Just take a pea size drop of cream, apply small dots with the help of your finger tips all over your face and neck.
Now massage it in circular motion with your finger tips to blend it well with your skin for 2 minutes.

How to apply cc cream on face

It stays for almost 5 hours, but if you feel that your face is looking little oily, just pat your face with a wet hanky and apply little face powder evenly.
You will get back your fresh look again.
If possible, you can sprinkle some water on your face, the cream won’t come out, just pat dry and will get fresh look again.

Now Lakme CC cream is available in its advance form of color transformation with additional benefits like SPF 30 PA ++

When applied to skin, it looks white, but when you blend it, it transforms to the color of your skin tone.
Blends really well without looking patchy, just use right quantity.
It has a very good shelf life of 24 months, so worth buying.
That’s why, I love it. You everyday skin stylist. 
You can buy from market or purchase it online.
Not available in small stores and sometimes it is out of stock in big shops also.
If you have an oily skin, must give a try, I am sure you will love it. 

How to apply cc cream on face

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