Footwear for women

footwear for women

Footwear for women

Footwear for women

Footwear for women has much importance in their lives nowadays. In older times, footwear was considered a commodity of necessity. Only one pair of footwear was considered sufficient for a person at a time.

Simple and long lasting footwear were considered good to wear. But with changing times,the trend of wearing footwear has changed drastically. There is a huge market of designer  footwear to select from. International brand footwear is also available online on discount rates.

Specially, women are very fond of footwear, along with clothing. They want a perfect match of footwear for their attire. Having 10-12 pairs of footwear at a time is normal for a middle class woman these days.

In fact, half of  the perfect look of your outfit comes from your footwear.

We will discuss about different types of footwear that goes well with a  particular outfit.

Footwear for Saree & Salwar Suit:

footwear for women

Open toe sandals, go well with Saree and Salwar suit. They give a traditional Indian look. Colorful sandals with embroidery and glass work are very much in trend.

Footwear for Jeans & Trousers:

footwear for women

Long boots and chunky heel boots go very well with Jeans & trousers, specially during winter season or if you are on a vacation to some cold place. Don,t try them during Summers, as your foot will suffer from perspiration and discomfort.

Footwear for Gown, Mini, Skirt:

footwear for women

My first choice for this outfit is bellies & stilettos, they just give a perfect and Barbie look with these outfits. Wedges will also give a nice look.

You can choose the color of footwear matching to your handbag, matching with your outfit or in contrast to your outfit.

Pencil heel is very much in Fashion from ages. But they are very harmful for your backbone. It is my personal suggestion, please avoid wearing pencil heel footwear.

If you want to wear heels, please go for platform heel, and not pencil heel.

Before buying footwear, try them by walking some distance. Don’t buy if you are not comfortable, just because of the design.

Branded footwear is little costly, but they are very comfortable and long lasting.

So buy one instead of two, but buy a branded one.

In your collection of footwear, you must have a slipper style, one sandal with strap, belle, wedges and shoes.

As far as color of footwear is concerned, White, black, red, brown, golden and silver color is must in your collection. These colors will match with most of your outfits.

Last but not the least, avoid buying footwear online, there is difference in sizes of different brands and you can’t check the comfort by trying

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