Til Ki chikki (Sesame sweet)

      Til Ki chikki ( Sesame sweet )

Til ki chikki
Til ki chikki is a Famous Indian sweet prepared in winters and specially in Makarsankranti. Made with sesame seeds & jaggery is a perfect treat for winters to keep your body warm.
Ingredients : 
500 gm sesame seeds (cleaned & roasted)
500 gm Jaggery
3 tsp oil

til ki chikki
Recipe : Heat oil in a pan, add jaggery and stir continuously, till the jaggery melts and changes color to light brown.
Add sesame seeds and mix well. 
Pour the mixture in a oiled plate, dip a flat bowl in water and spread the mixture evenly with help of the bottom of bowl. 
After 5 minutes, cut with knife into square pieces and leave in the plate till cool down. You can make laddus also if you wish with wet hands, but you have to prepare them before the mixture cools down. 
Tasty til ki chikki is ready.
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