Pasta with white sauce

   Pasta with white sauce

pasta with white sauce

A creamy texture pasta with awesome blend of herbs and spices, cheese and sweet corn with great aroma and taste, just melts in your mouth.

Ingredients : 3 cup Milk

                    : 1/1/2 cup Pasta

                    : ½ cup sweet corn

                    : 1 tsp butter

                    : 1 tsp grated cheese

                    : 2 tea spoon pasta masala

                    : 1 tea spoon black pepper powder

                    : 1 tea spoon corn flour

                    : 1/4 tea spoon chili flakes

                    : 1/4 tea spoon oregano

Recipe : Boil the pasta and corn for 5-7 minutes and drain the water and keep aside.

Heat butter in a pan, add corn flour and saute for 2 minutes.

Add milk and boil stirring, add grated cheese and stir till milk thickens.

Add boiled pasta and corn, black pepper and pasta masala.

Mix well. 

Sprinkle oregano and chili flakes and turn off the gas.

Creamy, yummy white sauce pasta is ready.

Serve Hot.

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