Rice Kheer recipe

     Rice Kheer recipe

Rice kheer( Indian rice pudding ) or Pyasam in south is a famous Indian sweet, prepared in every home. It is made from cream milk and rice  and dry fruits, saffron, cardamom powder which gives a nice aroma to the dish. I have added mashed rasgulla also to give it a rich taste.

Ingredients :
1 liter gold milk
2 handful basmati rice
¾ cup dry fruits chopped
½ tea spoon cardamom powder
3 tbsp sugar ( or as per taste)
2 big rasgulla
Pistachio for garnish
4-5 threads of saffron

Recipe : Soak saffron threads in warm water for ½ an hour. Wash the rice and keep aside. 
Heat the milk, when it comes to boil, add rice and cardamom powder and saffron threads with water and cook on low flame  for 15 minutes, add dry fruits ( except raisins ).
Cook for more 15 minutes stirring occasionally, add sugar and cook for 10 more minutes. 
Squeeze the sugar syrup of rasgulla and mash them properly and add to the  kheer, add raisins. 
Turn off the gas, garnish with pistachio and serve hot in winters and chilled in summers.

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