Natural selfie

      Natural selfie

natural selfie
This is my favorite selfie with my son. This is an amazing Resort Chhatarsagar, surrounded by nature in NIMAJ, a village in Rajas than. Nobody can imagine such a beautiful place in a small village. Last year, I went to my Home town Beawar with my son. My Uncle, who is a Doctor, was having his posting in this village NIMAJ for several years. He is a very Famous doctor and was sharing very good relation with all the people of this village. This Resort belongs to the Royal family of NIMAJ, who is having very good relation with my Uncle. They always invite my Uncle to this Resort with family. You will be surprised to know that this is the favorite holiday destination for Foreign Tourist.

The hospitality of royal family was incredible. They served us so many delicious dishes, I had never seen before. The whole family was so generous and down to earth. We all enjoyed a lot.

The sun-set from the top of a small hill was amazing. The whole place was amazing from view point of photography. We clicked lot of selfies and photographs on various beautiful and natural points.

We had a safari in open Jeeps provided by the royal family. It was really an adventurous and memorable trip to Chhatarsagar. All my cousins and their kids had a great time.

The selfie with my son, on this spot is so natural and beautiful, with so many sweet memories with my loved ones. So, this is my favorite selfie and it really mean a lot to me.
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