Eye makeup for small eyes and round face

     Eye makeup for small eyes and round face

Eyes are the center of attraction of our face. Beautiful eyes can hide many mistakes of our face.
Big eyes are considered beautiful eyes. They look beautiful without make-up. But not every person has big eyes. You can enhance the beauty of your small eyes with correct make-up. I am also having small eyes. Today sharing some tips on making small eyes look beautiful.

If you have hooded eyes, never apply eye liner or kajal on the upper eye lid.
This will make look your eyes smaller.
If you are a working women or a college student, just apply a fine line of kajal to your eyes.
It will give a natural and no-make up look to your eyes.
Use smudge free kajal.

You can also apply mascara to make your lashes look long, dark and beautiful.
Use eye lashes curler to curl your lashes, it will give a beautiful look to your lashes, then apply mascara.
Artificial eye lashes are available in market at affordable price, you can use them for parties to give a beautiful look to your eyes.
You can also try this, apply any different  color like blue, purple, green kajal over your upper eyelid matching your dress.
Also apply mascara after using eye lashes curler. don't apply any black liner or kajal.
Just apply foundation under your eyes and light cream color eye shadow as shown in the first picture.
If you have a light eye-brow, give light back strokes with a eye-brow pencil. Don't apply it too dark, otherwise your eyes will look artificial.
In the following picture, I have applied eyebrow pencil, but no one can notice, it looks natural.
Eye brow pencil is available in the form of powder also, you can use it to give a more natural look.
Never give too thin shape to your eyebrow, other wise your eyes will look very small.
Always try to give your eye brow a shape like Kareena Kapoor's eyebrow, natural shape.

Next look is, apply eye line to the outer eye line and kajal inside the eyes. This look is perfect for parties.
Eye liner should be medium, not too thick, and not too thin.
Leave some space and then start the line ending to the outer area.
If you apply liner from inner side, eyes will look small.
See the below picture, how much space need to be left.
You can apply little dark eye brow pencil for parties, but it should no look artificial.
Apply it giving back strokes.
Apply mascara to upper as well as lower lid also.
Keep a tissue paper under your lower eye lashes and then apply mascara.
Apply light color powder eye shadow on the upper lid.
Apply one shade lighter shadow than your eye shadow color under  your eye-brow to highlight your eye brow.

I have not applied mascara, neither used eye lashes in the above picture, used single light eye shadow still my eyes are looking beautiful.
If I use mascara and eye lashes it will give a perfect party look.
These are some tips on eye makeup for small eyes and round face.
I hope you get benefit from the shared tips.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment box.

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