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Ladies Purse

Written By Sandhya Sharma on Sunday, March 24, 2019 | Sunday, March 24, 2019

                                                  Ladies Purse

Beuty & fashion


Purses, handbags, as well as the need for women, also increases their beauty.
Earlier, White, black, brown and cream color of handbags and purse were in trend.
But nowadays, vibrant colors of handbag and purse like, Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Orange are very much in trend.
So now you can carry a handbag or purse matching to your attire and become center of attraction.

Use of handbag or purse:

Beauty & fashion


In your handbag or purse, you can carry almost all your necessary things, weather you are on your work place or traveling.
We can’t imagine going out without our handbag or purse.
We will discuss about the necessary items to be included in your handbag or purse.
First important thing which comes to mind is our Mobile. Never forget to keep your Mobile in your Handbag/purse.
Debit/Credit card are also must for your Handbag/purse.
Next important thing is keys of your Vehicle and Home.
A handkerchief also a necessary item of handbag/purse.
Now it is turn of our cosmetics, Lipstick, moisturizer, kajal, compact powder, Bindi packet, Tissue wipes, spray gulabjal & a nail cutter are the necessary items one should keep in her Handbag/purse.
A pen and small note pad is also essential item to be kept in it.
Sun glasses and Spectacles are also important part of your handbag/purse.

Type & Quality of Handbag/purse:

Beauty & fashion


When you need to carry so much stuff with you, you need a spacious handbag/purse.
That is why big size handbag/purse are very much in trend for every day use.
Check before buying that your handbag/purse has more compartment, so things don’t mix up in it.
The zips and inner lining must be of good quality.
It is better you buy branded handbag/purse, they are long lasting, have good quality zip, lining and are available in so many colors and designs to choose from.
Branded Handbags/purse are available online at discounted prices. Keep an eye and buy your favorite one when the price drops.
A branded and matching handbag gives you a good personality overall.
These were the tips of choosing and using a handbag/purse in a proper way. I hope you like them. Please share your thoughts on this article in the comments below.

Beauty & fashion

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