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Anti ageing tips at home

Written By Sandhya Sharma on Tuesday, May 08, 2018 | May 08, 2018

   Anti ageing tips at home
 anti ageing tips at home

We all love to look young and Gorgeous always. But, as we start ageing, increasing age also increases the problem of  wrinkles, black stains, skin tan on our face. We might face these problems due to pollution, bad eating habits, stress etc. There are thousands of expensive creams and lotions in the market, which claim to fight all these problems, but it is not the permanent solution to this problem. We need to go to the root of these problems and find a permanent solution to it.

anti ageing tips at home

First of all, we need to keep our stomach clean. 
Nowadays, in the race life we eat fast food , due to which our stomach is not well. It directly affects our beauty.
Drink plenty of water to keep your stomach clean. In addition, take 100 gm fenugreek and make a powder in a mixer add black rock salt according to the taste.

At bedtime, take 1/2 spoon of this powder with water, after which nothing should be eaten. 
This will improve your digestion and the face will also glow.

anti ageing tips at home

Now talk about food, which makes beauty more beautiful.
Every morning, eat  one Gooseberry Marmalade empty stomach. This will clear your skin, remove blemishes and will also help in digestion.
Kiwi fruit is magic stick to beauty. It is rich source of vitamin c which is good for our skin. Eat a kiwi a day for a week and see the difference. It will clear, spots, blemishes and will give you a flawless skin.
Carrot juice is available in winters. Drink a glass of carrot juice everyday in the season. See that pink glow on your face, which does not require any artificial  blush . 
A Pomegranate a day, will also give you cheeks a natural blush in just a week. 
In summers, try to drink coconut water regularly. It will not only improve your skin, but also hair and will keep your digestion good.
Now we, will talk about things we need to apply on our face for young and beautiful skin. 
First of all, stop using soaps or face wash to clean your face. If you can t stop totally, use Ayurveda face wash in emergency. 
Instead, take 1 tea spoon chickpea flour, add 1/4 tea spoon orange peel powder, few drops of almond oil, olive oil or mustard oil ( any one )  and make a thick paste using some milk or yogurt. 
Apply it on your face, when it is half dry, scrub it with light hands and wash your face with water. Pat dry.  
The glow you will see on your face will beat the parlor facials. 
At least follow this thrice a week, if not daily. 
anti ageing tips at home

At night, apply fresh alovera gel, mass sage it gently on your face and leave it overnight. 
It will keep the wrinkles away. 
If fresh is not available, you can use patanjali gel also. 
If you are facing the problem of pimples, take a clove or nut meg, rub it on a harsh surface with little water and make paste out of it. Take a tooth pic, apply the paste around the pimple and leave a small space open in center. You need little hard work, if you are having more pimples. Leave it overnight and see the magic in the morning. 
Your pimples will disappear by 80%.
These are the tips to get a healthy, young and glowing skin for ages, without using any make-up and cosmetics. I am follwing these tips from many years, and nobody can reveal my exact age.
Everybody ask's the secret of my young and flawless skin.
Follow these tips for atleast 7 days regulary, and see the difference. You will forget your parlour and cosmetics.
Last but not the least, take a sleep of 8 hours. 

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