Simple bindi designs

                      Simple bindi designs
simple bindi designs
Bindi is a tiny ornament of women, but has great effects if applied correctly. Specially, in Indian weddings, designer bindi is a must with Indian ethnic outfits.
Bindi is the main 'Shringar ' of Indian women. Many designer sticker bindi packets are available in the market. If you use little imagination and try to match it completely with your attire, it will enhance your beauty and you will get compliments you have never received before. I mostly use liquid colorful bindi along with designer sticker bindi, to match it completely with my attire.
simple bindi designs
Today, I will show you with example, how to apply beautiful & attractive simple bindi designs. 
We all used sticker designer bindis. 
You just need to buy a Shringar or any brand liquid color bindi box, which contains 11 beautiful and vibrant colors that you can match your style. 
So, let us start.
simple bindi designs
In this picture, I am wearing a bright green long kurta with big red flowers and red legging. 
The color of my bangle and belle is also red. 
Perfect attire, now, I applied a beautiful design of liquid bindi highlighting red and green color and used little black and a dot of white to make it more attractive. 
Lets move to the next design.
simple bindi designs
Here, I am wearing a pink & white leheriya sari. 
Simply, I made a small round bindi of liquid pink color and decorated it with four white dots. 

It is matching perfectly with my sari. Next one.
simple bindi designs
In this picture, I am wearing a green suit with multi color embroidery. 
Just made this pretty design with liquid bindi. 
Two half  C of different colors, a green upside down V and just a white dot. See how it is perfectly matching with my attire. 
Last but not the least.
simple bindi designs

In this picture, I am wearing multi color dress, which include, peacock blue, white, pink, black mainly. 
Here, I have applied a crystal sticker blue bindi, above it a pink liquid bindi dot accompanied bu a tiny black dot, and a white dot on the bottom of bindi. 
See how pretty and unique it looks and matches the dress.
 You just need to take care of the shape of your face. If you have round face, always apply long ( horizontal) designs of bindi. If you want to apply a round bindi on a round face, apply a dot under the bindi.
If you have oval shape face, round bindi will suit you. Try to apply round design which goes well with your face. Also take care of colors, along with matching colors, you can also use white and black dots to enhance the beauty of bindi. I hope you like my post. If you have any question, ask in the comments box. I would to hear from you.

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